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Presenting a sterling experience in the public domain, CCC is designed on a sprawling site of 10 acres off of the bustling V I P road in Zirakpur. The master plan is exuberant in its format, of using streets as the pivotal design mandate on the ground.The entry exalted by a green grassy and glass pyramid “ Soul Summit ” that one can walk through heightens the sensory experience and stirs the spirit.It is well defined and chaos free with proper drop off points, designated parking and an option for valet services. The central blocks sit over a central pedestrian spine that invites the flow of visitors into a magnificent triple height shopping arcade.

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CCC's striking design and architecture adds to the already growing bold skyline of Zirakpur. Its iconic architectural style is pivotal to its success and its strategic location makes it a crucial commercial and a thriving business hub. CCC is the one place where innovation, creativity and individuality are refined to your satisfaction, allowing you the freedom to live in a style that is flamboyant and eloquent.

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